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ReCreate4 years ago
lol 65 comments, i have 5,000 comments. 8D :P (5001 actually)
Camisado (author)  ReCreate4 years ago
*Sigh* this again.... Look, when you changed your name, your comment counter resets back to zero. I changed my name four times.
I wonder if you're still around. If so, do you remember all 4 name changes? I remember "Do_not_turn_off_the_power", "Izanagi Telos", and your current name, but what's the one I'm missing?
ReCreate DJ Radio12 months ago
I'm still alive yes. :P Get email notifications. Anyways... I have no idea. Sorry.
DJ Radio ReCreate11 months ago
New account????
ReCreate DJ Radio11 months ago
Huh? No this is the same old account I made in 08.
DJ Radio ReCreate11 months ago
So are you actually Camisado?
Is that why we can only change it once now?
I know that. >_< I'm not like that to start such a stupid argument again. :P
DJ Radio3 years ago
Dude has something happened? You haven't been online in forever and you deleted your facebook.
OHMYGOSHNESH theres a song called Camisado by panic! at the disco and its REEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY good :D
Mirime4 years ago
Hi im kinda new
ze lone cow, eh?
Ja but i've got horns and am still learning

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