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  • How to Fix the Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360

    I want to help you so what i did was, searched something about that on Google and i found this: also, I'm not saying you have to trust me but, this isn't fake. Again, you don't have to trust me. :)

    I know you commented 2 yrs ago but, a lot of people say, take your console to someone who had studied this stuff, or just take it back to where you got it (unless online), Gamestop, blockbuster (i think they might be able to fix it bit then again i don't know), or any electronics store might be able to help you.NOTE: IF THEY NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING, DO NOT USE/DO ANYTHING THAT THEY DON'T MENTION/ANYTHING AS A SUBSTITUTE, YOU MIGHT BE TAKING A TERRIBLY DANGEROUS RISK!!!

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