• CaptClaude commented on John Culbertson's instructable Standing Desk Pulley Lamps 1 week ago
    Standing Desk Pulley Lamps

    Wonderful. Caught my eye immediately because I have been looking for something to put over a kitchen counter currently lit (poorly) by a ceiling fluorescent. The lamp shades you showcase here would be perfect for that and your emphasis on a High-CRI LED led me to look for others that are not quite so $$$$. On the subject of wiring, yes, an electrician would cringe and a code inspector probably tell you to pull it down, but your use of hi-temp wire was correct. Did you consider silicon insulated wire? It is flexible, 200C temperature-resistant and has a 300Vac dielectric rating. It comes in assorted gauges -- the 24AWG is rated at 5A.About half way through reading this I thought "why not re-purpose some cymbals??". I could do a pair of hi-hat cymbals and maybe a smaller crash to cover the length of the counter. Well done. (The thing I like most about Instructables is that it's such a great source of ideas, inspiration and jumping off points.)

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  • CaptClaude commented on Alex in NZ's instructable Electronics Components Storage3 weeks ago
    Electronics Components Storage

    What kind of cases are you using? I've never seen ones like that.

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  • Arduino 101 BLE Rover Remote Control

    I like that you note what didn't work as well as what did work. I'm going to try to follow your lead and try this with a more "generic" HM-10 (CC2541 chip) connected to an Arduino nano clone. I failed to do my homework and first bought the HC-06 module but discovered that iOS devices cannot see it. As with all things from China, the trouble is in finding the documentation. Thanks for the great Ible. I wish more were as complete as this.

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  • CaptClaude commented on victoryking's instructable Make a Personal Weather Station1 month ago
    Make a Personal Weather Station

    Hey Naevus: I really like your version of the project, even reading it through google translate. There are parts that are perfectly clear and parts that are very, very funny (not your fault of course). I'm going to see what I can learn from your version. I agree that putting a Nano and an ESP together is overkill considering that the ESP is much more powerful. But maybe it made the project easier?

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  • CaptClaude commented on ambercollective's instructable How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance1 month ago
    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    I bought an ex-ambulance VW bus in Germany in about 1986, converted it to a camper and drove it all over norther Europe for several years before returning to the States. We had to remove the divider between the cab and cargo area (and add seat belt mounting points per German law). The kitchen was built to be removable so we could use it on a daily basis. It was very simple and compact and slept two adults and three small children more-or-less comfortably. Didn't have enough insulation for camping in Norway though...

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  • Getting Started with NeoPixel / WS2812  RGB LED

    I did enjoy this and I think your breakdown of the types of strips and pixels is both useful and concise.

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