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  • CarlosL48 commented on DIY_lover123's instructable Epic Uses For An Old Android Phone2 years ago
    Epic Uses For An Old Android Phone

    Another ideaRemove the standard car stereo, setup a cheap amplifier, connect the amplifier to your android device and your just androided your car!Want some added value? add one of this along with this and your are good to go!

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  • CarlosL48 commented on alceste's instructable PVC Laptop Stand2 years ago
    PVC Laptop Stand

    Pretty awesome. My back pain has lowered now that I have the laptop at a higher altitude and I don't need to strain my eyes anymore.Also, I love how things like laptop charger, wireless keyboard and mouse receiver are below the stand, making my desk look more clean and organized (keyboard and mouse are from around 2005, when receivers where quite big, not like todays little dongles)Also

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