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  • CarolK25 commented on seamster's instructable Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern)2 years ago
    Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern)

    I was so glad to find this pattern. 26 years ago I babysat for a little boy that I always called Calvin. He had short legs and blonde hair that stuck up. He never minded me calling him Calvin (his mother said he liked it) but he didn't really know what I was talking about since he was only 3. I saw him a year later and told him how he had grown so much and his legs were getting longer. He said, "That is why I'm four." As he grew up I still called him Calvin. When he graduated I gave him two of the cartoon books. He finally understood. He is now 29 and had his first child. You guessed it. He named him Calvin. So he needs to have a Hobbes. I better getting sewing.

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