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  • Catfaced8 commented on Common Man Survival's instructable Budget Microfishing3 months ago
    Budget Microfishing

    I used to take coconut frond leave midrifs, the spine of the actual individual leaves, then find a spider web and take the "dry" thread and kinda twist and stick it on the end of the midriff, then for my hook Id kinda roll a ball of the "sticky" web, I swear catching mosquito fish and small goldfish was so entertaining this way, Id spend hours doing it till there were no more webs in the surrounding area...

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  • Mini Cafe Racer, Board Tracker, Motorized Bicycle, Frankenstein Machine

    I have built my own motorized bycicle and the one thing I would warn you about is the bolt on the chain tensioner, you see that the head of it is a flat head screw driver head not a normal bolt head, this will eventaly loosen from vibration even with loctite. I ended up replacing the bolt with a grade 8 bolt with a special locking nut that has a oval thread... this was because of a few tensioner failures while going 30mph downhill ending up with the chain poping off the sprocket and binding the chain, have fun and stay safe

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