Ceiling cat

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Long Cat5 years ago
Long Cat is loong!

This is dombeef, incase if you were wondering...
Ceiling cat (author)  Long Cat5 years ago
Nice! You made one for Long Cat? Awssome!
Ceiling cat (author)  Ceiling cat5 years ago
Wait. It says joined November 2008?
It was an old account,

Or did I just go back in time?
dombeef5 years ago
Basement cat is coming!
Ceiling cat (author)  dombeef5 years ago
No matter! I'll just call in my long cat!
Ah, long cat should fend basement cat off!

Is that your account? the picture looks very recent!
Ceiling cat (author)  dombeef5 years ago
It is. Actually I uploaded that picture just for this comment because I didn't want to link to my facebook. I don't really use that account much. Maybe I'll start.
Ah, ok

Longcat is loong!
OMG. Yew iz Ceiling Cat. Cayn ai heugz yew?
Ceiling cat (author)  NotSoFamousPaul5 years ago
i can has hugs?
Ceiling cat (author)  NotSoFamousPaul5 years ago
i has a happy!
OMG. You have an epic name and picture, AND you joined on my birthday. O.o
Ceiling cat (author)  rawknexstuff5 years ago