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  • Celticlady1960 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses Ziploc Bags9 months ago
    Unusual Uses Ziploc Bags

    Also, several people talked about putting their tablet in them while cooking, but I have a really good cookbook, that is set up with a 3-Ring Binder Type, and I can take out the page I want to use and make the recipe no matter how messy it is and when all is cleaned up I just wipe down & Dry the outside of the Ziploc, remove the page with the recipe and it is perfectly clean.

    Try using a Straw to fill the Bag, that way you won't loose air that your blowing in and pinch the straw so that the sealing strips are lined up and pull out the straw and seal at the same time. It works real well when removing air to make it air tight for food storage, or just to take up less space, just suck all the air out with an ordinary straw.

    I use Polymer Clay, and if it comes into contact with certain plastics it gets ruined. Yet, the Ziploc bag can be used to store opened and scrap Polymer Clay, and it keeps it perfect. Also, I ordered some that came in the mail and the plastic they were originally packaged in was starting to come apart and the small Ziploc Snack Bag worked perfectly to keep them clean, and the good part is you can read through it so if it is getting low you can more if you need it.

    If you cannot find them at the dollar store, Michael's sells them in all sorts of very small sized in the Jewelry Making Section and they are often on sale

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    How do you Discharge an old TV Set properly?

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