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  • CezarP1 commented on johnag's instructable Arduino Portable EKG Monitor4 months ago
    Arduino Portable EKG Monitor

    This is a very noisy trace, it is hard to consistently identify the P wave and the T wave... as lead two...those two waves are the most important item in a ECG trace, it will identify, Atrial and Ventricular functions....the R wave is pronounced but not much info except for a cardiac arrest...then you won't need an ECG trace ...just palpate the patient.......but nonetheless this is a very interesting and a very nice project, maybe I will find other application where this will serve better but that is

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  • CezarP1 commented on JZweige's instructable ECG on your laptop!1 year ago
    ECG on your laptop!

    Hi, Im currently having, trouble with my heart due to my cardio mayopathy or enlarged heart and I need to constantly monitor my heart wave forms, to take my emergency madication just in case it goes wild before running to the hospital. your device would be a great help for me

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