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  • Nature Nanotechnology 10, 480 (2015) reports this DIY Atomic Force Microscope/DIY原子力顯微鏡

    Dear Dr. Hwu,Ive just starting my Final Year Project on making an affordable AFM and you're project looks very similar to what I want to do. My intention is to use a different kind of control method in order to position the Z-axis, but I do not wish to design and make the stages (I don't have that much time :S)It would be great if you could email me the schematics, hardware components and maybe some of the software used to control the AFM, thank you very much! :) about the weird email address, I didn't want to put my university email on a public comment)Great project by the way, its amazing that you've managed to design this incredibly accurate system with very affordable components! :DCheers,Charles

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