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  • Fixing samsung galaxy tab broken cable charger

    my galaxy tab 2 , 7.0 . 8g. Its modle gtp 3113. Charge cord lasted for 2 ys. Then I had to wiggle it so Now I go to best buy.. and pay 25 30 dollar's for just the cord... no wall plug! Also.... duracell has a ultimate universal charger. ?... the pack says fir samsung , droid ,I phone, apple, and many I buy it....8 dollars. why not..ya know......and.... nope.. it wont fit anyway I try . every way. ? M ......realy #samsung #bestbuy what is the difficulty? Or am I the only person who still has a galaxy tab 2? Willing to pay 30 $for a cord cus thats where my music and vids ar buy needs rehab. They're money junkies not geek help.

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