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Randumbrob5 years ago
sup, im rob...i was woundering if you knew anybody that knows how to make games and needs ideas for them?
Chicken2209 (author)  Randumbrob5 years ago
 Sorry, not quite sure what your talking about
Im thinking its a reference to one of my past comments but i cant remeber
Chicken2209 (author) 5 years ago
happy ibles birthday to me do do do do do doooo good bye :3
DJ Radio6 years ago
hey chicken (this comment is in reference to your about me) on the phrase "fire trucks", Take away the last 3 letters from the word "fire". Take away the first letter from "trucks". Now combine, and what do you get?
Chicken2209 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
frucks FAIL
Hahahahahahaha. I think this calls for...
Chicken2209 (author)  Gjdj36 years ago
what you doing snooping round my profile?
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wah? WAHT SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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well, don't worry, you can tell me, because if you have to kill me, i'll pull out my crazy ninja skills, and make sure you don't, soooo... TELL MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicken2209 (author)  Gjdj36 years ago
then hows i sposed to finds it! and how did you know i favd it
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Chicken2209 (author)  Gjdj36 years ago