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  • ChrisB36 commented on ChrisB36's instructable Build Your Own Brazilian Repinique Drum9 months ago
    Build Your Own Brazilian Repinique Drum

    Hi Bernardo! I'm glad you enjoyed this. It's a pretty easy project. I'm still looking for easier ways to make the hoop (without needing any special tools) so I don't have to buy the pre-manufactured one. If you can think of a source for such a thing, I'd be happy to know. By the way, the hoops I suggested for the tamborim build don't fit, so don't buy them. I need to go back and update that one. I would love to be able to build a cheap timbau. I've been experimenting a bit trying to build the shell from two plastic buckets, but I've not gotten very far with that. There's is an instructable on here somewhere that shows you how to build one from staves of wood, but that's too complicated for me. Stay in touch and please forward any video you have using these ideas! Thanks!!

    I'm honored! Thanks!!

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