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  • How to assemble a HHO Generator and why it works

    don't you only want to add the hydrogen to the gas and not the oxygen. i think if you just add the HHO as is, in it's perfect ratio the propensity it will take is to just reform a H20 molecule and not in acting as a catalyst or fuel accelerant of any kind. There should be ample oxygen in the air mixed with the gas to combust the H2 and ideally it doesn't just form a steam molecule that you paid to separate in your generator and reform in your engine. If you hydrogenate the gasoline, what occurs? I'm sure they've been done on saturating gas with hydrogen and oxygen separately and i'm certain they've been done trying to add peroxides. For God's sake don't try to add peroxides to any fuel to increase its efficiency, just ask a submariner.

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