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  • ChrisC6 commented on prometheus442's instructable RFID Proof Soda Can Wallet4 months ago
    RFID Proof Soda Can Wallet

    why not just cut a bill sized piece of can and slip it on the outermost part of my wallet where bills go....?

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  • Easy Pneumatic Potato Cannon. Fun and powerful!

    Oh yea6) Maybe get like a pressure release valve thingie. at X amount PSI ....

    As far as this failing, exploding and injuring and killing you....1) Id imagine if you are using various chemicals, explosives are int he least stuff that heats up, it will affect and compromise it. 2) id also say, I personally would let all air out when not in use so it doesnt expand and contract, and keep moisture out of it for the same reason.3) maybe spray it with some UV resistant spray if you are going to use it outdoors? I saw a discussion about pvc bows (like a bow and arrow)4) maybe consider wrapping it, like shrink wrapping it 5) maybe make a guard, like something around it, with a little space even lined with something like old mouse pad material.

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