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  • Smart router with WiFi Connection Visualization

    I think you've got my number :), I'm a Technical Designer for an ISP with nearly 30 year in the industry (10 of those as a C & 4GL programmer), and I probably would, but I use a Juniper Firewall and Cisco AP at home, so don't really need to.However, I do like this Instructable, I just thought I'd comment and give you some other ideas. I'll look forward to the Rpi3 post, and maybe you've inspired me to actually write an instructable too.

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  • ChrisD243 commented on Seeed Studio's instructable Make a Colorful Smart Router2 years ago
    Make a Colorful Smart Router

    Hmm.. With 2 children in the house, 6 LED indication isn't enough.Currently WiFi connected, I have... 1x Xbox One, 1x xbox360, 2xPS4 and a Wii.3x laptops, 1x surface pro, 3x mobiles,2x ipads, 1x galaxy tab, 2x TV, 1x skyTV, 1x Rpi-3, 1x Wink, and a Tesla on the drive!Perhaps replace the LEDs with a 16x2 LCD ?Not to mention the 1Gb Ethernet connected devices (QNAP,3x servers, 2x PCs, etc).

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