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  • ChrisD265 commented on MisterM's instructable 1970s Raspberry Pi Amazon AlexaPhone2 years ago
    1970s Raspberry Pi Amazon AlexaPhone

    No problem! I never found it documented anywhere and stumbled on it one day so thought I would share. Sometimes I end up taking forever trying the "easy way", only to later find a better way that I wish I knew earlier!This is a really cool project!

    For the future, if you ssh into the pi from your (Windows, haven't tried from my Mac) laptop using putty you can copy/paste. If you move your mouse cursor onto your putty terminal screen and click you will not see a change. Your actual cursor remains where it is. If you use the mouse to highlight text and right click it will paste the highlighted text wherever your terminal cursor currently is.If the text to copy is located outside of your putty window, you can highlight it and copy as normal, then go back to putty and make sure nothing is highlighted. Right click will paste the clipboard content where your terminal cursor is.Very useful to know, especially if you want to keep the install on the pi as lightweight as possible and don't want an email service running.

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