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  • Save Gas And Incerase Horsepower By Side Gapping Spark Plugs

    I think you may have misread the article you cited. "Spark plugs with fine wire center and/or ground electrodes operate better for two reasons. First, a smaller center electrode requires less voltage to jump the gap. This means fewer misfires, which will be seen in higher mileage and more horsepower. The second reason is smaller center and ground electrodes reduce quenching." This means that the smaller area you mentioned actually makes for a better spark.

    Just increasing the gap will not make the spark better; it will actually weaken it. The air-fuel mixture has a much higher resistance than the metal of the electrodes so making the gap larger makes the resistance that much more. You would have to increase the power to the plug in order for the spark to be able to cross the increased gap. To learn more, please google basic electrical theory and how spark plugs work.

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  • ChrisJ25 commented on Make it Extreme's instructable Making a Hoverboard From Junk1 year ago
    Making a Hoverboard From Junk

    I hate to break it to you, but this is not a hover board. It would have to hover; which this does not. This is an interesting design, however.

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