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  • ChrisW212 commented on jengehrke's instructable The most amazing lemon cake ever!2 years ago
    The most amazing lemon cake ever!

    I love your lemon cake that does not use any chemical leavening. I made the cake as you instructed, but it was not as fluffy and tall as yours. Could you please mention how long and at what speed level to cream and butter, oil, sugar, and eggs using your kitchenaid stand mixer. I have the same unit, but I could not make it as voluminous as yours (using real butter, about 38% fat). I also encounter curdling when I added eggs in, the batter shrunk and deflated about 20% ( I warmed the eggs in a warm water bath to ensure there is not temperature change.) My final batter seems a lot less than yours. The cake still tasted good, but was not as fluffy and a lot shorter, only about 2" height, unlike yours that is about 4" tall. Please help! Thanks!

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