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    I feel like I'm close. One LED will illuminate, but not the others unless I shake the HB100 and then the others will begin to flicker. Seems like a great project, but a few holes in how it's presented which make it hard to debug. My hypothesis is I need to add the amplifier, but it's not clear what type of amplifier and I can't see any on the pictures.This instructable has the opportunity to be clearer by:1. A photo of the entire set up, not just the bread board. How is the HB100 wired to the breadboard?2. What amplifier should be used?3. A detailed materials list would be ideal.4. Pictures and Schematics that aligned. Ie a schematic for 10 leds and a picture of the actual 10 led circuit with HB100.Thanks! Looking forward to clicking that 'i made it' button once I have it up and running, but could definitely use help. Here's my current setup as well.

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