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  • ChristianS145 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Zip Ties11 months ago
    Unusual Uses for Zip Ties

    Great idea Joe, how about 1 on the shampoo and be done with it.

    Right on Clare, brilliant, I use them to stitch my chicken netting when breached.

    Rico, all you have to do is insert the tail opposite way, it will not ratchet, I use this approach a lot in line management, electrical and else when repetitive or cyclick use.

    It does not come off just like that specially not under stress of stealing so I vouch for it for sure.

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  • Changing the output voltage of a cheap power supply

    The simplest way to do this and get full power aka watts/amps out of it, is to use a PMW ( Pulse Width Modulator ) controller, these are very inexpensive and some can control from 0 to 100 volts so if you put in 19v the maximum that can come out in its regulation is a bit short of 19v if you need a pointer, just contact me

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  • ChristianS145 commented on RCLifeOn's instructable DIY Mini Air Conditioner1 year ago
    DIY Mini Air Conditioner

    To be most efficient in thermal transfer, you need adequate surface area, by flooding and freezing you end up with a block of ice which has only its top for surface area, this would then decrease thermsl transfer rate efficiency.

    Yes but less cooling, there is no free ride, so to last longer less cool move less air by changing fan voltage by resistors or miniature PWM controller.

    Right on EarthtoMatt ! make yourself comfortable, do not cool the whole house at tremendous cost to oneself or the environment, same as my kid wanting to turn on heat to 75 in winter as he ran naked in the house, shame on us,

    You guys are so anal about trivial part of projects, 1-of course it should be cleaned properly, dheu why even keep mentioning it at all , 2- of course at the end it is a net minus towards the balance of this Earth, what this great kid did is a simple device that creates a welcomed cool and soothing air flow as he works on his computer, of course the rest of the house maintains its average temperature , great job Kid do not ever let these anal wanna be bloggers stating the obvious slow you down,

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