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  • ChristophB commented on taifur's instructable Power your Bathroom by Water Tap1 year ago
    Power your Bathroom by Water Tap

    There are some interesting points in the discussion below. I first wanted to argument the same way, that you are basically doing this on the costs of your supplier (as you are adding a further resistance to the water network).However, this is wrong and the explanation seems to be simple:The water supplier is only responsible for the pressure you get at your main connection. If you further reduce the pressure, it's at your own cost.This is nothing else than having a dirty/blocked sieve in one of your taps or putting a thumb over the hose to reduce pressure to water your plants.The energy this generator uses is your own energy, and it's simply time. It would take longer to fill a bucket of water or to wash your hands, or to water your plants.

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