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  • Ciantic commented on Leonelf's instructable Repair Logitech G602 wheel-button2 years ago
    Repair Logitech G602 wheel-button

    That mouse has 3 year warranty, I suggest anyone to use it before this, G602 was released 2013 so all mouses should still have warranty left.I'm about to get my third G602 from warranty, I've had two and on both the middle mouse button broke after a year of use. If you have bought your mouse from directly, they have policy you don't even have to ship the old mouse back except if they ask for it. (I have now two broken ones in closet, and one replacement mouse coming)If the new one breaks also, I have to use these instructions next year.I wonder why specifically the middle button has such a lousy quality? Other buttons, and other logitech products has worked for me literally decade or more without breaking.

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