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  • Cicko commented on EvolvedAwesome's instructable Breathe New Life into an Old Computer5 months ago
    Breathe New Life into an Old Computer

    Very good DIY guide for newbies. Nice work!May I suggest one more step, or an extended cleaning step?In old PCs the insides can get VERY nasty over such long time of usage. Various dust particles, hair, crumbs can get caught in there, especially on heatsink fins or air intake grilles. I always try to, at least, blow it out with compressed air (either from an air compressor or a compressed air can). But try to blow the air in the OPPOSITE direction of the normal airflow that the cooler fan makes. And, sometimes, not even this method is sufficient. Then, the only solution is to disassemble the computer and the cooler assembly itself to get the chunks of the filth that can block the operation of the cooler totally.

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