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June 13, 2010
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  • CobaltBlue commented on Robb's instructable Hamster Wheel Standing Desk9 months ago
    Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

    Great! This is really big, the Next Big Thing! ...It is even bigger than my office!

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  • How to choose a title and keywords for your instructable

    Hey there! I have been in touch with you before...I smiled a little at your claim to the Most Viewed Instructable Ever. When I saw what it was, I actually laughed, because I have viewed that one myself!My question is very basic but also esoteric. It annoys me that my Instructable has a typo in the title. "Daiquirí" is a Spanish transcription of an indigenous word, and should have the accent over the final "i." But I couldn't find a way to get that into the title, so it was screwball mixed up with garbage [DaiquiriÁ] generated by the HTML coding. So, by the time I was done writing the Instructable, I had sampled at least a couple of the tasty titular cocktails, didn't care any more, and published it without fixing it. It still bugs me.Can you tell me how to get that í into the titles? It obviously doesn't work with Character Map. Or, maybe you would suggest it will be more searchable without the Spanish character...hmmm...

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