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  • CodeClub commented on errorcode401's instructable Make Simple Virus in Notepad2 years ago
    Make Simple Virus in Notepad

    Wouldn't that only work in Vista and previous Windows versions? The currently most currently used Windows versions are probably 7, 10 and some poor souls left on 8 who don't know how to move from 8. Apparently, when you delete System32 files, from 7 on, Windows fixes it at startup. But otherwise some nice, simple code to completely wreck Vista and XP users' life. ;)

    It will make a loop. In that loop it makes a folder with a random name in the C: drive, D: drive and E: drive. Afterwards, it would go back and do it all again forever until stopped. Basically, it makes tons of useless folders on your computer, and attempts to also do this on your external drives and disks

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