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celalboz4 years ago
These 5in 1 devices, has 20amp hr bat. so how about posting some charge time stats like how many amp your panel puts in to it's battery and these units usually have 17v dc wallmart to charge, how do they handle few volts up and down? 12-19v (laptop psu) or charging with 12v cigarplug? w/out charge controller.
Conserver (author)  celalboz4 years ago
No problem, celalboz -

1. The 15 watt solar panel puts out about 1 amp of power.
2. Battery shouldn't be discharged more than 50%
3. 10 amps / 1 amp per hour = about 10 hours to charge

NOTE: Charging the poser pack from a wall outlet will take from 24 to 48 hours to recharge. Iow - solar charging is faster than charging from the grid.

WARNING: We do not recommend building Qwik-Solar without a charge controller (please see other comments). We make it very clear to have a charge controller in the 'structable.

Charge the 12volt power pack - then use the packs AC/DC/USB outlets to power other devices. If one is looking for more power and faster solar charging, then we recommend our iPower Station 45:

iPower Station 45 PDF

Your welcome. 
Thank you for your kind and rapid reply. I didn't know the walmart charging so slow(trickle charge) I only own the device not the charger, now I can build a panel from ebay to charge it, thanks you for the info.
As for the charge controller, I think I will fallow a fellow diyer suggested diagram and build one with 555 ic, much smarter then just cutting the charge.

fine explanations.
Celal Boz

Conserver (author)  celalboz4 years ago
Your very welcome, Celal. Glad to be of some help. :)
Conserver (author)  Conserver4 years ago
should have read *power pack.  Link to PDF:

Conserver (author)  edvanntta5 years ago
Hi twolf7,

We're currently revamping our portable solar generator line (some exciting stuff coming out soon).

With it, we'll be offering a new dealer opportunity. I'll add you to our email and update you when it's ready for release.

Thank you and best regards!