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hey bring back the egg contest please i want to get that table book on the eggs in russian museam for the king and wife
lockpick6 years ago
Hey could you add a contest where we draw pictures of the intructables robot like this one?
KentuckySam6 years ago
grooooovy6 years ago
Summer yarns contest- it says there are ten winners but only states the first prize... what are the others?
There's only one type of prize. It has 10 winners.
tincanz6 years ago
are contestants allowed to vote for their own instructable?
seabananers6 years ago
innovative sports contest
TSC6 years ago
Can you make a every thing contest!!!!!!!!!!! it would be cool!!!!!!!!! and a lot of people would enter!!!!!!!
vehicle contest???
nickodemus6 years ago
It's too bad we don't have cyborgs on here. Only robots and humans. Such a separate society, no in-between.

How about a gardening robot?

This could be either an outdoor, or indoor project, or perhaps two categories.

Who likes to "pull weeds"?  I have found that to be the biggest hurdle to people maintaining their gardens.

Maybe an automated "point watering" system that waters individual plants based on their needs rather than simply dousing the whole garden with valuable H20.

Or maybe another idea, a robot that prepares the soil for planting, or tills in the "used plants" in the fall.
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HOLD UP! Are these robots bros or sumthing?
Ha a robot got a welcome from a robot. Call in Arnold Schwarzenger There uniting.