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darman122 years ago
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mathiemom3 years ago
How does this CS keep the deer from eating it from the top once the CS is not in dome mode anymore?
CookieDemocracy (author)  mathiemom3 years ago
Unfortunately, this CS will probably not deter deer; it was only designed "to repel birds and rodents" from sunflower seedlings. By the time you get out of dome mode, the sunflower plant should be large/strong enough that birds and rodents really won't be interested anymore. Removing the dome (instead of removing the CS altogether) gives you flexibility; you don't have to try to predict when your sunflower is big enough to be safe.

If deer are an issue in your area, you can try the usual deer deterrents - fencing your yard, individual plant cages, even commercially available predator urine. Please be aware, however, that if there is a severe extended drought in your area, almost nothing will keep your juicy green plants safe from desperate deer.

Good luck!