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  • CoreyA7 commented on rpotts2's instructable Raspberry Pi Zero Cluster Case2 years ago
    Raspberry Pi Zero Cluster Case

    general purpose

    Like was already said an FPGA would murder a pi cluster on both watts per mip and cost. Heck even a quad i5 would murder them on the same accounts.

    In that use case for sure it makes all the sense. Low power usage / lots of io and can run a gp os.

    I know and not arguing that but in that case watt per mips would still make the pi unusable. It would literally take you 10 years to make 1 coin using a pi zero. FPGA are very good at set parallel tasks and even beat out top end intels using a fraction of the power. The pi's arm cpu has a very weak fpu and gpu so it's just not well suited to the task at all.

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