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Dude have you made a youtube account yet? I have not yet.

I have the account but have not done anything with it yet. It's a bit confusing trying to get accounts strait. I'll be sure to sub to you whenever you get one!

Thanks! What will your username be? Will it be Craft maker infinity?

It will be Craft Maker Infinity. :3

Awesome that will be an easy username to find!

What are you planning to do videos of? Knex creations?

Um..... actually I will do Knex and my magic trick skills. How about you? Will you do your transformers creations?

Maybe! I also want to do Transformers toy reviews since I am a huge Transformers fan. (Btw been working on a transforming Transformers Armada Starscream figure in Tinkercad for a while: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/4hN3bCrxdj2-armad...) ^u^

Awesome starscream!! I am joining tinkercad today!!!

Awesome! ;) And thank you!

Yep! ;)

RJM20011 year ago

Thanks for following me!

Craft maker infinity (author)  RJM20011 year ago

you welcoms ;)

Hi Craft maker Infinity, My name is Mrs. Pitt. I just want you to know in case I did not send my message to you at the right mailbox, that I loved your transformer robot/truck and would love to teach the principle of being "transformed" by the renewing of your mind, to a group of afterschool care children and young people in grades Pre-K thru 8th with that same robot! my email address is lydiacpitt@gmail.com or I would love to even hear from you in a private message on my facebook page with step by step instructions on how I could make this for my students! Blessings and peace to you and may God continue to use your creativity to touch and save lives!

Mrs. Pitt

Creative Director

Craft maker infinity (author)  LydiaP11 year ago

Hello Mrs. Pitt! I have sent you a response to the message that you sent! ;) I do not have a Facebook (waste of time for me, I've tried it before), but I'm available on Instructables.com if you want to sent me any-more private messages here! :) God bless, and have a good day/night! ;)