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~KGB~2 years ago
Please rate my ball machine to help me win the toy challenge!
Seleziona4 years ago
HEY! Thanks for being my 50th subscriber!!! Was it anything particular you liked?
CraftySNAK3 (author)  Seleziona3 years ago
REALLY?! uhh id hav to say the m1911 and the dragunov but those r really new
Thanks for subbing.

CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
its k, do u haz bad company 2
No i dont have it.
Yes my name is SIR--KILLALOT on psn, and btw i know another guy who likes metal and he to has a ps3 on this site.

CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
hey my friend on this site has a ps3 and mw2 too although i dont play much since i got bbc2 add, rofl495 and CraftySNAK3 on psn
CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
cool who?!?! duz he play mw2 and bfbc2 too? and ammah add u (maybe him too)
YES!! i play cod all the time.
CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
kewl ill add u
Metallica is one of the best bands in the history of the world!!!!
CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
YES...  \,,/

Yes epic song!!!!
CraftySNAK3 (author)  insanecreator924 years ago
do u haz psn


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