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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    From the snow on the ground it seems your latitude is at least 45 degrees. For a grid tied unit you want to maximum the summer sun for best payback - so angle to your latitude. If living off grid latitude + 5 degrees will maximize for winter sun, the hardest time of year to get through.

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  • CraigH23 commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye8 months ago
    Make your own lye

    I accidentally made NaOH while making hydrogen gas by electrolysis of water. It was going very slowly so I figured common salt (NaCl) would help conduction and speed things up. It did speed my hydrogen production up, but on smelling the strong smell of chlorine gas at the other electrode, and some school chemistry I realised that the remaining solution must be NaOH, caustic soda

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