• Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp - 500+ lumens with only 8 watts

    While I applaud you for making your light out of scrap or individual items. your facts are not straight; You state "Many of the other competitors had $500 HID lamps from NiteRider, Light & Motion." Either you did no fact checking or are attempting to embellish your home made light by this inaccurate statement. Also most all these lights are also LED not HID, which you seem to forget to mention.The truth is that both these companies offers a comparable or better light for $80 to $120 on their sites and for less at other retailers like Amazon. However the biggest difference for someone who is a runner is the weight difference. You device weighs more that TWICE as much as comparable lights and offers fewer features, lower construction/engineering quality, compactness and appearance. Yours also lack a helmet mount as some others so. So if you happen to have some of these "spare" parts ie a headband, rechargeable batteries, etc and then are able to locate and buy the other parts and then have the time, knowledge, tools and expertise to assemble the device (look at all the very basic questions posted) AND you dollar limit is $60, you have your light. For another $20 or $30 plus my time savings and not having the "spare" parts laying around, I'd prefer a brighter, lighter professionally engineered and constructed light.

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  • CraigL20 commented on TunerFreak's instructable Make Your Own Plastic5 months ago
    Make Your Own Plastic

    Compared to what?

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  • CraigL20 commented on HiVisVest72's instructable Android Motion Sensing Smart Mirror5 months ago
    Android Motion Sensing Smart Mirror

    If your project is of ANY value, you must be spending too much time standing in front of a mirror with nothing to do but look at the weather report. Try looking out the window.

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  • CraigL20 commented on boompjes 's instructable Make yourself anonymous on the web!5 months ago
    Make yourself anonymous on the web!

    "Owned by the FBI" You poor sick person. Just put up more tin foil around your head and go back to watching the Star Trek reruns.

    "Sometimes" usually means you have no actual knowledge only anecdotal or unsubstantiated.

    Ask them what? I guess you can go back to the crusades and ask any Christian or Protestant. What's your point?

    Ask her what? If she is peaking up, what is there to ask? If you have a point state it. Statements like this tend to discredit ALL people who are mistreated. And just because you think you may be a victim, doesn't make you one.

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