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adiabollo4 years ago
Thank you very much for what you share with us your ideas. I admire your work. Thanks so how do you open up new avenues
shazni4 years ago
Thanks for following! I just love your work and have being following your work for ages! your can art made me want to make my own and from there i went on to wanting my own hot-wire cutter...which i did an instructable on :-).
Creativeman (author)  shazni4 years ago
You are welcome...like your work as well, since it is very similar with the hotwire and all. Isn't that a lot of fun? I was surprised at how much you can do with the technique, and have spent countless hours making stuff with it...best of luck in all your projects...keep up the good work!
You tend to create the very thing that attracts my attention. Wondering what you have coming up next =)
Creativeman (author)  cdawisconsin5 years ago
Working on a mosaic right now...will do instructable when done.
kcls6 years ago
Wow, look at your achievements! They go Newsletter, contest winner, newsletter, contest winner, etc! Way to go!
Zem6 years ago
Cman! Where do you get all of your wonderful cardboard? 
Creativeman (author)  Zem6 years ago
It seems to be everywhere!  grocery stores, appliance stores, work (when I was still working), etc.  Just ask and you will receive! Cman
Zem Creativeman6 years ago
Awesome! Thank you very much! 
ChrysN6 years ago
Congrats you won again! Thank you for the patch.
Creativeman (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
You are welcome, and thanks for the congrats!  Cman
laxap7 years ago
I like what you are doing! Can't wait till retired too ;-)
trooperrick7 years ago
All your instructables are so good. They are ingenious and yet so simple. I especially like the cardboard sign. Can't wait to see more. trooperrick
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