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Nov. 27, 2009
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  • How to Fix a Copper Pipe...WITHOUT Soldering

    Jeff,I applaud you for offering to give a homeowner or renter the tools to tackle a water leak like this. BUT, a couple of observations.1. Using one SharkBite in an emergency (like 4am) might be okay but multiple SharkBites is a shark frenzy. The more connections one has the more potential leaks you have introduced. SharkBites are definitely for the unprofessional.2. I would stick with one medium. If it is plastic, stay with plastic. If it is copper, stay with copper.3. It is recommended that you bracket your work when you have a joint suspended above a ceiling like you have.4. It is obvious the Tee junction is corroded and will be next to leak. This is probably from not wiping the flux from the soldered joint. Shame on the original plumber! While you have a section cut out, I would have replaced the "next to leak" area. It will cost you one extra part . . . a copper Tee fitting.I applaud you for offering one method to choose to fix a problem.

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