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  • So at 4:50pm I FINALLY DID IT!!!!! YAY!! I decided to go the "F it and Force it route". It was such a struggle, I had to take breaks to cool off. On my third try, that's when it happened. A magical *POP* and the back slumped off. I was shocked and surprised and so freaking ecstatic. My goodness, it was such a struggle. The mid section is where most of my remaining effort was put into. It seems that because of all the heat and humidity, that a suction or expansion was created and was what made it so difficult. I will be continuing tomorrow. Hopefully, when I'm done cleaning, I can put it back together without a struggle. Wish me luck. ?Thanks for all the suggestions. Forcing it was the answer. ?

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  • First, the PDF Whynter support gave me. It supposedly shows where all the screws for the front and back cover are located.Next, are pics of those same screws I took out. Then 2 pics of the inner top and bottom of the front section of the portable. The back won't come off. Although, it could be stuck but I haven't tried to force it because I'm afraid I'll break something.PDF:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Oos1_OPe06X1Mzd...PICS:http://imgur.com/a/jRwglI'm on a tablet and tried using the site uploader but it would not finish uploading (I waited 3hrs). Then, I tried imgur, lord was that a struggle. ?Anyway, if you need more, I'll add them.

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  • I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks to all for the replies.

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