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Cyclone1764 (author) 3 years ago
Apologiies for being really unactive, ive been real busy with school and here in ireland we have been having bad weather, I hope that in a few months I will release some more ibles :)
Cyclone1764 (author) 4 years ago
Heres the plans for a sci-fi smg im planning, but im short on a load of supplies at the moment so it will be a while befor i'll be posting anything, i'll probable add a scope to it aswell,
smg plan.png
Cyclone1764 (author)  Cyclone17644 years ago
auctually yesterday i went to a diy shop coz my kitchen lights were broken and i bought some more parts, its looking more tactical than my concepts and i might have it up by next week
Cyclone1764 (author) 4 years ago
deadmau5 amulet coming soon :D
jediwhiz34 years ago
The musket pistol is awesome-sauce! The picture of the Abe Ax looks awesome too!!
Cyclone1764 (author)  jediwhiz34 years ago
Thanks! btw I got the spraypaint yesterday :D
jediwhiz34 years ago
I am excited for the next 'ible!
Cyclone1764 (author)  jediwhiz34 years ago
I'l have it up soon, im still waiting to get more paint
onrust4 years ago
No worries & thanks for the patch :) Not everybody makes'em personal!
jediwhiz34 years ago
Cyclone1764 is awesome! :D
Cyclone1764 (author)  jediwhiz34 years ago
thx (ps im almost done the bow)
YAYAYAYA! I am so excited!!!!
Do you know when the bow tutorial will be up?
Cyclone1764 (author)  jediwhiz34 years ago
now :)