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ajleece5 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece5 years ago
Mac Miller owns.
Prizyms4 years ago
K'nex Innovation died D:
DJ Radio (author)  Prizyms4 years ago
I have no idea what happened to it. KIchat is still well alive, however only the regulars go on there nowadays.
TheRacker4 years ago
You still around bro?
DJ Radio (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
I moved on to Youtube. You can find me there on the same channel I've been using since 2008 (although I've retooled it now). I still stop by once a month and see how things are going though.
Lighten up and stop complaining.
DJ Radio (author)  jwilkinson114 years ago
I haven't even been on the site in months lol. I have no idea who you are but I'll tell you right now, "complaining" is known to the best knexers as "quality control".
~Meme~4 years ago
Hey, do you play Yu Gi Oh?
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~4 years ago
Yeah, but I haven't played in months though. Lately I've been playing Magic, a game that's existed long before yugioh.
~Meme~ DJ Radio4 years ago
I've heard of Magic. Don't you just hate those 5D yugioh cards, ugh!
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~4 years ago
I actually liked those since they added more dimensionality to the game. Before Synchros, the only time level was relevant was to see if a monster needed to be tribute summoned. Otherwise the monster level was pointless. Synchros and xyzs changed it and made monster level a very important aspect of the game.