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  • DaA3 commented on appleman123987's instructable Edge 3D 3.0 - A $200 3D Printer1 year ago
    Edge 3D 3.0 - A $200 3D Printer

    man. i just really love what you're doing here

    one other thing, you said the lcd was an add on but the ramps kit seems to come with one, did you buy a second one?

    hey man, I'm 14 too and I cant wait to start building!I built my own laser engraver last year. I love 3d printers and have been working on a 200 dollar one for two months now, just couldn't source the electronics reliably. (and I suck at coding, I'm the engineer not the software!). You cleared that right up! one prob though, my maker space doesn't have a laser cutter, and my engraver cant handle that thick of plastic. do you think the acrylics pieces would work printed? thank you so much for all you have done here! voted three times!

    I'm ready to buy a kit if you're selling, send me an email. heliometrix@gmail.com. I can print any parts bellow 5x5x5 , but like I said, no laser cutter.

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