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  • Daisydo commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool3 months ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    To stop steel wool from turning into a tiny rusted lump, just set it on a small piece of aluminum foil. I also cut the pads in half before I use them, a little steel wool goes a long way.

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  • 7 Winter Life Hacks to Keep You Warm

    Here are some no-electricity- required hacks I've been using to feel a little warmer at home: Layers! Not only is this a great idea for clothing, but also for blankets. I've got 3 on my bed now. And it's easily adjustable, if you feel too warm, just fold the top blanket down. Let your pets sleep with you. Our tiny chihuahua is happy to get under the blankets with us and her body heat warms us up quickly.And lastly, rather than mess with the heating pad, I warm my 5 year olds clothes with my butt. Let me explain, I pull out her clothes for the day (layers again) and I stack them in order of which piece goes on first, to last..then I sit on the stack and let her stay under the blankets while I dress her. The clothes warm up fast and there's no fire hazard to worry about. Hahaha.

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