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  • Daisytikityke commented on chrisnotap's instructable Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap5 months ago
    Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

    If you put the bait in a glass or tin that the pets can't chew through with small holes in the top it should protect your pets but allow the bugs to get to the bait.

    Seems like bacon drippings would make it very attractive to pets. Just a warning. It would be best to put the bait in a jar with a small hole in the lid so that the bugs could get to it but the pets can't.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on randofo's instructable T-shirt Rug8 months ago
    T-shirt Rug

    Sew the necks closed before you start. Then you can use the sewing machine..zigzag stitch. Much faster than hand sewing. And instead of just sewing the tshirts to each other, sew them to a backer piece, an old sheet or blanket. It will be more solid, less stretchy, and easier to handle.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on makendo's instructable Battery powered fog machine8 months ago
    Battery powered fog machine

    Boy are you working hard to keep smoking! Maybe nicotine patches and just water in your hookah.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on shethemaker's instructable DIY Hanging Fairy Light Jar8 months ago
    DIY Hanging Fairy Light Jar

    I don't understand the "string" instructions and the link to the video doesn't work.

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  • Scrambled Eggs - still in the Shell !

    I have raised chickens and eggs for many years and have never seen one come out scrambled. I would really question your supplier!

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  • Daisytikityke commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner8 months ago
    DIY Air Conditioner

    This could be worthwhile if you directed the cool air and didn't expect it to cool the entire room. If it blew on you while sitting at a desk, or watching tv or even sleeping, it might make quite a difference even though the overall effect in the room might be minimal.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on seamster's instructable Easy Collapsible Worktable8 months ago
    Easy Collapsible Worktable

    Depending on the width of the table and the length of the legs, the legs could fold toward the wall which might be useful if you wanted to use a hollow core door. It would mean the interior framework of the door could be the support for the hinges as the legs could be on the outer edge of the door.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on CraveTheGood's instructable Dry Shampoo - 2 Ways8 months ago
    Dry Shampoo - 2 Ways

    If there is a ceramics supply store or pottery studio near you, they may have it.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap9 months ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    Honeybees are what are used by commercial growers to pollinate our food crops. Commercial growers, especially fruit, grow so much of a single crop with a short period of bloom, it is necessary to bring in pollinators. Single crop farming means there is not enough food year round for enough native pollinators to live on so honey bees are brought in and moved around as different crops come into bloom. They are necessary for commercial food production.

    Sorry, my global warming comment was sarcastic and unnecessary.

    Sorry, my global warming comment was sarcastic and unnecessary. But the bee keepers I know, and I know 4 different ones, are having trouble keeping their hives alive through the winter. These are experienced keepers who have had bees for years and this is a new problem. I do not know about wild bees personally, but I don't think it's unreasonable to be concerned that they too may face the same problems.

    Yeah, and global warming is a hoax too

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  • How to Lose 100+ Pounds and Keep it Off For Life

    Basically very good advice. My only suggestion is that age is a factor when counting baseline calorie needs. As we age, our metabolism slows down and we require fewer calories. Even with regular moderate exercise, at 5'6" and 150 lbs, if I exceed 1500 calories a day, I will gain weight. To lose 1-2 lbs a week I must keep my calories close to 1000 a day. And I might add, that last 10 lbs,so far, seems to be impossible!

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  • 2x4 End Grain Cutting Board / Butcher Block

    I am an RN and once read a study where they contaminated wood and plastic cutting boards with Salmonella. Within 24 hours the wood boards were clear of bacteria but the plastic boards were still contaminated. Since then, I clean my wood boards well after cutting meats but don't worry about bacteria lurking and growing in the pores and crevices between uses. When I worked as a kitchen manager, we wiped the wooden surfaces with a bleach solution between uses, but still cut meats on a surface separate from where we cut fruits and vegetables.

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  • Daisytikityke commented on xxlauraxx's instructable Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper1 year ago
    Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper

    You said the turtle took longer thsn the duck because of all the lines. I think I would just paint it like the duck, obscuring the lines, and then redraw the lines once the paint dried. Cute idea though. I use paper bags to wrap packages to mail but I haven't thought to draw a pattern and use it for wrapping paper.

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