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hmm..."knex suits and Christianity" huh? Does that mean you are a Christian?

LOL, I was just wondering...? If you are a Christian, that make three of us. XD Me, Raza1r1knexbu1ld (I doubt that I spelled that right), and you. Yes, this message seems a little weird, considering you don't know anything about me, but again, I was just wondering.
Make that 6. I am in THE BOOK too! Good to see some other Christian, home schooled guys on here!
Make that 4.
No way! Really!?!? That's awesome!
make it 5 sweet the more the better
LOL, There we go, 5! Yes!
Yes i am a Christian to answer your question.I didnt think there were to many Christians on isntructables.
That's great to know, and again, my message seems weird, but it is so weird to find another christian, after I thought there were only two of us! You did not think there were many Christians...that's because there aren't. LOL
question to people out there where do you thing the garden of Eden is?
Dakota Joel (author) 3 years ago
Yah it is a little weird to find out if someone is a Christian, trust me i know