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geek277 years ago
This may sound random to you, but do you like Metallica?
Damage, Inc. (author)  geek277 years ago
haha, that I do. One of my greatest inspirations in my guitar playing.
Yeah, Damage Inc. is a great song. I pretty much like all 80's Metallica, but I'm not the biggest fan of everything after that... meh. Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets have got to be my favorite albums. Cliff Burton was the greatest bassist - awesome.
Damage, Inc. (author)  geek277 years ago
Exactly! I love all their old stuff, but the newer stuff just isn't as good to me. Cliff was amazing, it's so sad that he died like that. Plenty of musicians die young, but most of the time it's their fault.
Yeah, I always dream what Metallica would have been like if the bus didn't kill Cliff. ...And Justice For All was a good album even without Cliff, but Metallica kinda lost their distinctive "sound" after that. I think it might just be James' voice. His unique vocal style seemed to lose its edge slightly, and everything kinda fell apart. But Cliff, man, that was a tragedy.