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Aug. 7, 2016
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  • DamageOnAHit commented on infectus's instructable 3D home theater for under a grand2 months ago
    3D home theater for under a grand

    Hi there, cool instructable and I agree with your comments re: high frame rate 2D/3D being much better.Have you heard of Dolby 3D? I bought some glasses for not too expensive and many people are using Dolby 3D glasses for dual projector 3D setups:http://www.avsforum.com/forum/191-3d-displays/1325...Dolby 3D uses a different set of RGB primaries for each eye and doesn't depend on polarization so you don't need a silver screen. Plus, the extinction ratio is much better than polarizing filters, it's like 1000x better to use a notch filter around each primary than a polarizing filter, so that means much less crosstalk plus Dolby 3D will work properly on any screen material not just silver which makes it even better (better gain, no hotspotting from specular reflections in the metal paint). You can pick up Dolby 3D glasses on ebay, they are more expensive than polarized but the result is better and the money / time you save on paint makes it roughly equal. But the other positives of Dolby 6P just destroy polarized 3D. You need to take apart one pair of 3D glasses and use those filters at each projector, then just wear the other shades normally.There is also another thing you should consider, instead of having two projectors stacked on top of each other you could have one rotated 90 degrees and use a dichroic mirror to achieve better pixel alignment. The reason why it's better is because to stack them vertically you have to use vertical lens shift on each projector and that will reduce sharpness a bit. But of course vertically stacked is more convenient and probably looks better too. Anyway, lots of dual projector setups have one projector at 90 degrees from the other one because then you can adjust them against one another very, very precisely using lasers and without using lens shift.

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