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    Convert a NES gamepad to USB with Arduino

    Forgive-me, i'm very,very late. Hello friends ! someone could give me a hand? this is a very good tutorial! but unfortunately there are some things in my opinion, are not very well explained. Would someone help me? First, the breadboard layout is impossible to understand why one of Zenners diodes, it's positive rail ! all rectification project with this type of diode, inserts it into the ground rail. And more: one of the diodes you can not see where it fits, if it is on the ground or in the positive rail.Second, despite the high quality of the photos, I can not understand the soldering parameters in a good way. And for now, i'm just wanna test in Arduino.Third, the issue of 1k5 resistor. I know the tutorial already has a few years, I am Brazilian and in my country everything is "late", despite the internet (really). More recent projects such as the "V-USB for Arduino" 2K.2 use of resistors for emulation of mouse and keyboard. I myself can successfully tests using 2K.2 resistor. When 1K.5 use, the device is not recognized. Why 1K.5 resistor ?I use an Arduino UNO R3 board, MCU Atmega328p, my IDE is 1.0.5 R2 (tried installing the "0016" Suggested by the author: impossible for me) and my operating system is Windows 7 64-bit. Despite my IDE differ from suggested, it works perfectly with other USB device tests, such as "mouse" and "keyboard" — remember that I use the resistor 2k.2 and not the 1k.5.The intention of the author of this post tutorial was great and I thank you very much. But these doubts remained. What I really wish is: someone could send me the schematic right of breadboard with Arduino and if possible, all that is compatible with my IDE? or someone could send me a new USBJoystick library also compatible with my board and IDE, in the case of not being able to meet the first request ?My email is audiogamers@gmail.com. Thank you all for reading this huge text I wrote and once again, I apologize because i'm very late in this instructable, where everyone seems to have obtained accomplish the project successfully. Forgive me. Greetings!

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