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clintonmc3 years ago
Hello, I recently reached 100 Subscribers and wanted to take a moment to let you know i appreciate your support.

Thanks for following. Are you a "Pro"? Would you like a free year's "Pro"? I have lots and to spare and am willing to share. Let me know it you would like one.
MargueritaM5 years ago
Thank you so much for subscribing! Wishing you happy sewing and quilting, Marguerita :)
onrust5 years ago
Thanks for the sub.
DanaM71 (author)  onrust5 years ago
glad to
torx5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing,!!!Good future works
DanaM71 (author)  torx5 years ago
You're welcome.
thanks for suscribing
DanaM71 (author)  harry potter rules5 years ago
You're welcome.
depotdevoid5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I've got lots more coming, so stay tuned!

Out of curiosity, which of my projects inspired you to subscribe?
DanaM71 (author)  depotdevoid5 years ago
You are welcome, the ceiling storage solution.
cammers5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing.
DanaM71 (author)  cammers5 years ago
happy to.
melkdav5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing. There are wonderful thing on this site waiting to be explored.
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Glad to. That's true. This is one of my favorite sites.