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    Homemade DAC A/D Converter

    So wait... Did you make an ADC, or a DAC? There is a lot of difference in those two terms, and even though a lot of people might mix them up, it can be a bad thing if they are.An ADC (Analog-Digital Converter) converts an Analog signal (Like a voltage reading from a potentiometer, or even sound) into a Digital signal that a microcontroller or processor can read. Going by my reading of the article, this is the device you built.A DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) is exactly the opposite: It takes a digital signal and converts it into an Analog signal for whatever reason (Generating sound, controlling voltage controlled devices, etc.) Again, going by the Article, this is *NOT* what you made, though the title of the article and some of the terms used in the article's body itself would lend one to believe that perhaps this is what you made?Neither of these things are particularly difficult to make if you have the parts, the knowhow, and the room on your circuit board (The above design here could *potentially* be made with a small PCB footprint, but expanding it to 16 bits could make it a bit cumbersome). I'm personally working on a Delta-Sigma ADC design right now, using some pretty common ICs (An LM 324, a TL082, and a CD4013: The idea is that combination would provide 2 ADC channels to port into the mC), I might post it here if the tests prove to do well.

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