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  • DaniloD21 commented on Sverd Industries's instructable No Pump Automatic Watering!3 months ago
    No Pump Automatic Watering!

    I've thinking about having my own garden plants and using an arduino to control the watering was my idea. Thanks for sharing it! I live in an apartment and it doesn't have enough sun light in the garden. So, one solution I thought (I know it was not what you were trying to do, but it is complementary) is to use a luminosity sensor and all sprectrum lights to compensate the sunlight missing. Unfortunately, I have no time to think about how to do it now.

    Thanks a lot!!! I will try it as soon as possible. I think there are just others two key controlable factors to deal with: ambient temperature and air humidity. With all those we can make a perfect environment to grow plants.

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