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July 2, 2012
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I love to take apart old electronics in the basement and salvage the pieces to make other electronics. I also like unusual methods of transportation and unusual weapons.
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    Electrolysis Without Batteries

    The problem with that is you need DC current to separate the molecules. The oxygen and hydrogen are each drawn to a positive or negative anode, respectively. With AC current the atoms would be constantly switching which direction they are traveling, which would result in a lot of nothing. I think that is how it would work anyway, haven't done this stuff in years. The rectifier you mentioned should work. All you need is DC with enough voltage and amps to reach the other cathode. If I remember correctly a higher wattage actually speeds up the process, but I didn't do many experiments in that area.

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  • ChrisR250 commented on Danjor's instructable Electrolysis Without Batteries6 months ago
    Electrolysis Without Batteries

    Wouldn't you be able to just use a plug that doesn't have a transformer on it? Granted yes I know then you would be mixing high voltage with water and that can go real bad real quick if you aren't careful, but I am reading 180 kiloohms on mine and with the voltage on the line being 120 volts even that really doesn't translate to very many watts. Seems like despite the hazards of working with the high voltage AC you would really get a much faster hydrogen production because the higher voltage will allow much more current through.Though naturally I can certainly see where a reduced voltage is appealling for safty reasons. Though if you could use a bridge rectifier and capacitor to convert over to DC then even the high voltage set up would be a bit safer. Well... As safe as it gets dealing with such high voltage...

    Well yea... But lets say you are in like a 10ft x 10ft room right with roughly what like an 8ft high celing? That is 800 cubic feet... So you would have to produce 40 cubic feet of CO2 to cause hallucinations and 80 cubic feet to lead to death, and some how do it fast enough that the room's ventillation can't handle it.Frankly I can't fathom a way to achieve this...

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